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Hey everyone, as you might know I'm doing Q-Con this weekend! ^_^ But there's a small issue that came to mind. I usually sell my posters at cons for 5 and 10 euros for simplicity's sake, which is pretty standard. But for this con I'll need to exchange some euros into pounds to use as change. And it would get awfully complicated if I tried to sell my work at the pound equivalent of 5 and 10 euros because then I'd have uneven numbers and have to get lots of coins converted to use as change. So, I'm wondering what pricing is like at UK cons, if there's anyone here who has been to some? Is it normal to see A4 posters selling for 5 pounds and A3 posters selling for 10 pounds? Because it would definitely be the most convenient option for me. xP
Edit: I have now set up an Etsy store as well, so if you don't like shopping on Storenvy for whatever reason you can also buy my stuff on Etsy. :)

Hey everyone, long time no see. My summer holidays have started which means I am back home and I can sell from my store again! I was renting a place with a really small desk this year and I couldn't fit my tablet on it. ;-; But now that I have a desk again I can actually draw stuff so I will draw more and might open up commissions too sometime. Anyway for now, take a look at my beautiful prints! :D (and Area 9 is up there too of course)

Storenvy link ===>

Etsy link ===>

Hey guys, I decided to try out Redbubble and added a fiew of my old-ish artworks to the store. You can see my Redbubble shop here:…

Just because I thought it would be fun to have them up in case someone wanted to buy a phone case or a notebook or something with my artwork on it. xD I just added a few things, but you can request for me to add more of my artwork to Redbubble if there’s something specific you want.

The posters on Redbubble are expensive compared to my own posters though! If you want to buy a poster from me I would recommend buying them at some of the cons I go to. In fact I will be at Eirtakon this weekend so if you are going, you will see me there! ^^

(As for new artwork... yep. I would like to make more new complete artwork when I have a chance because I feel that a lot of my completed pieces are getting old anyway and don't quite represent me anymore ^^; )

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I haven't been very active but I'm not dead, I promise! xP Art isn't my no. 1 priority at the moment but I'd like to draw a few more pieces when I get the chance... My gallery needs some new art! Until then, thank you and have a nice day!
Hi guys, I am staying in my own house for the holidays so my online store is open again for the time being! ^^ Of course the post offices won't be running as much at this time of the year so if you buy something now it might take a little longer than usual to arrive... Anyway I don't know exactly how long I'll be staying for, but if you order before the 1st of January my store should definitely still be open! So if there's anything you wanted now is the time to get it! ^^ (Unfortunately a few of my items are out of stock from Eirtakon... I will be restocking some time but not before I close the store again)

Ok, I forgot to say anything but I'll be at Eirtakon tomorrow! There's a bit of a walk towards the artist alley but you will get to it eventually! xD I think it's on the way to the trade hall. Hope to see some of you there! x3
I just got a proof of Area 9 from a new printer I wanted to try out. I had high hopes. I had actually found a good printer in my own country, it was cheaper and wasn't located far away on a different continent with ridiculous shipping. But there's just one issue that's been bugging me and I really don't know what to do. D: While the pages are thicker, they are actually more transparent than the pages of my previous printer (and they offer no alternatives). The old books weren't exactly free of transparency either but you can definitely see through to the other side of the page in this edition more than the last. Here are some examples of pages that have been particularly affected (Basically pages with a lot of white that are opposite to pages with a lot of drawings and text)

I don't know what do. D: Does transparency bother you a lot? Would you buy a manga with this level of transparency in its pages? I'm worried that I'm just making a big deal out of nothing like I often do with these kinds of things, so I just want to know if you think this kind of thing actually would bother you or if I'm being a perfectionist again. >.<

Hey, is there anyone that can help me out here? I’ve just started college and we have to sign up for a tutorial once a week for one of my modules (and I will be signing up for more later). I chose a slot that’s 3 hours after my other 2 lectures on Thursday because I thought it would be good to space out my lectures/tutorials to make my day more balanced… But… do you think I should change it?

What do you think is best? To have 3 hour breaks or 1 hour breaks? I thought initially that longer breaks would be better because you have more time to study and you’re less likely to slack off because your day isn’t over, but maybe that’s too long and boring, and 1 hour breaks might be better? (like, you’ll be able to have lunch and maybe do a bit of study without your break dragging on) I don’t know… Can someone with more experience please suggest how I can manage my time more wisely? xD)

Oh, and do you think it’s a good idea to have a long break and then just one lecture/tutorial or is it better to have 2-3 in a row? (You’ve had such a long break, so you might as well have a few things after that?) Or will your retention be worse after the 1st lecture…

(Sorry if this sounds stupid, I am just a very confused and clueless college student, my head is spinning and I cannot think anymore D: )

tl;dr: Do you prefer to have long breaks (2-3 hours or more) between lectures/tutorials/labs etc. or do you think it’s better to have 1 hour breaks or no breaks at all?

My store: will be closing some time next week and will probably remain closed throughout the college term. If there is anything you wanted, please make your purchase soon because I will close it around next Friday! Thank you! >w<
Just in case somebody tries to contact me and doesn't get a reply...

I'm visiting London for a week and won't be back until the 12th or 13th of August. I might login while I'm away but I'm not bringing my laptop, so you might not see any response from me until I'm back. Just letting you know! x3 *runs away for making a pointless journal*
Hey, remember that dusty old online store I set up and have barely touched ever since? Well, I finally added some new products. All my new prints from Arcade Con are now there for the slim chance that somebody across the world actually wants to buy some of them...? Ok, here's my store: (You can buy as many prints as you like and shipping will still be the same as if you bought one print.)

And I'm really sleepy now so, good night...! VoV



Yesterday was the last day of Arcade Con! As you can see I got one of those wire cube displays, now I look like one of those pros who takes conventions seriously!

I was tabling with my friend and we both had a great time and got to meet lots of wonderful people! Sunday was also surprisingly busy in the afternoon and it felt like I got more commissions than I did on Saturday… Very unusual! I got so many that I just barely finished them on time and had to turn one down. ;-;

But, it was a great weekend and I’m looking forward to next year! Thank you to the staff and everyone who stopped by to chat or buy something! If you missed me at Arcade Con, you will still have a chance to see me at Nom-Con and Eirtakon. :3

(And here are some of the commissions and commission samples from the con)

Just a reminder that Arcade Con in Dublin starts this week, and I'll be in the artist alley form Friday to Sunday! : ) I ordered a set of wire cubes so I will finally have a proper display! I haven't gotten the chance to set them up but now that I have my prints I will set up a little mock display. And I'll need these, because I have like double the prints I had last year and won't be able to fit them all on my table. xD

It was tough finding a new printer, since you had to order a minimum of 10 copies of each poster with my old one and I wanted one that could print less. The first alternative printer I contacted was a joke, the secretary was either a. a grumpy school girl who wasn't great at English in school and was not passionate about the fact that she somehow ended up in this company at all (She had bad punctuation and couldn't spell matte despite being in the industry), or b. Ayanami Rei. I'm going to go with Ayanami Rei. =P Anyway, I was delayed by like a week because this printer suddenly decided to stop replying to my emails, so in the meantime I looked for another printer. Ayanami Rei finally replied to me a week later with a really vague one sentence question with no punctuation marks, but I had already ditched them by then and found another printer. In the end, it wasn't really much cheaper than my previous printer but I got quantities of less than 10 and that's what mattered. :3

So, back to Arcade Con... I'll be selling the usual- Prints, Area 9, and those old phone straps and bookmarks that I just want to get rid of. xD And I'll be doing pencil sketch commissions like I did before. Please stop by if you're there! ^^

Oh, one more thing... If you wanted one of my digital commissions but don't want to/can't pay with Paypal, you can note me here on DA and then pay for it at the convention and I'll draw and send the commission to you online. The only thing with this is, they're not refundable once the convention is over so you must be sure you want one. ^^;
I opened commissions all of a sudden a few days ago but I think I should've asked my watchers what they wanted, first... Well, it's still not too late to do that, I guess? ^^; I've drawn in so many styles in the past that I don't really know which one I should offer as my 'default' commission style... I just chose the one I've been using lately for prints because it's high quality. But... Is high quality actually what you want? ^^;

I did sketch commissions a few months ago, and people liked them. They were cheap, but I thought they were too low quality. So then I opened high quality commissions. But then I thought, maybe they're too high? XD I don't really know what people want, or how much they want to pay etc.... I want to expand my list of commission categories to suit as many people as possible but... I can't do everything. So... Is there anyone who'd like to commission something from me that isn't in my commission journal? Maybe we can work together to add more options to my commission list. :D (because there aren't really a lot at the moment lol)
I would be great if I could make polls at times like this... >.o

I've been wondering lately, what way of pricing prints has worked best for artists at cons? Which one is your favourite? Make your prints cheaper and sell more, or make them more expensive but sell less? I've only been in the artist alley twice so I haven't had much time to experiment with pricing, but I was thinking... Wouldn't it be better if I made my prints cheaper so that more people could afford them, in turn giving you more exposure? Or will it really increase sales all that much? Because if they don't like it, they won't buy it anyway. Of course this is a terrible mindset for commissions, but I was thinking it might be the opposite for prints, and who knows, you could end up earning more per artwork. (There was one guy who made his prints dirt cheap but his commissions were very expensive!) 

So far, I've priced my prints at €6-7 for A4, and €9-10 for A3. I think I've sold around the same amount both times, but I still have so much left that I actually just want to get rid of some of them! I'm thinking about experimenting with A4 prints at €5, and A3 prints at €8 at my next convention. (But any lower than that and I think it would start to get on the verge of offensively cheap :P )

Anyone tried the same thing? People seem to have so many different opinions on this, it's hard to tell what's best without trying. :XD: I would love to hear your experiences (especially if you're in Ireland, because, you know... that's where I am xD)

Commissions are closed for the moment because I have winter exams but will be back in a bit.


Bullet; Pink These commissions are for NON-PROFIT/PERSONAL USE only. You buy the image but do not gain the rights to edit it, sell it or use it for any commercial purposes. For commercial work, please contact me through note on DeviantART or through my email address at to discuss pricing.
Bullet; Pink I am not picky about subject matter and will try my best to draw anything, from humans to animals and robots etc.
Bullet; Pink I will NOT draw adult material, strong violence or gore or full nudity. Please ask me if you are unsure as to whether I will draw your commission or not. People who note me with commission requests that clearly show that they have not read these rules will be ignored.
Bullet; Pink I may refuse your request for any reason other than those mentioned above.

Star! PRICING Star!

(May be adjusted as I become more familiar with my drawing pace)

Prices are in:
EUROS (€) Please use a currency converter if you use a different currency and are having trouble understanding my prices: (To give you a rough idea: On the day I wrote this, €1=$1.36)
DA Points Points. Because this has not been a popular option in the past and because currency rates are constantly fluctuating, I have not included point pricing along with euro pricing. Point prices will be decided at the time of the commission. To give you a rough idea, on the day I wrote this €1=136 Points)

Current Commission types:

Bullet; Blue Simple B/W Sketch
Bullet; Blue Coloured Sketch
Bullet; Blue Detailed
Bullet; Blue Custom

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Simple B/W Sketch Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue

Probably open for a limited time only. Click on thumbnail for more info.
Simple 3/5 Euro B/W Sketch Commissions by Lumnili

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Coloured Sketch Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue

These are more sketchy commissions. Be warned that when I sketch, my style can change a bit sometimes so if you want a specific style please link me to an example! (The colouring style I use here can also be used in my detailed commissions, but I just don't have any good examples in that level of detail yet orz)

Headshot/Bust: €10 Additional character: €6
Taishi Headshot by Lumnili   Madoka headshot by Lumnili

Waist-up/Full body: €16 Additional character: €10
Falling by Lumnili  Kite by Lumnili

Background: €3+

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Detailed (excl. background) Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue

Bullet; Pink Styles:
Student Council by Lumnili  Madoka Magica by Lumnili
Commission- Romantic Evening by Lumnili  Asuka and Rei by Lumnili

Bullet; Pink Types:
Headshot/Bust: €25 Additional character: €15
Sparkle by Lumnili

Waist-up/Full body: €45 Additional character: €25
+ €5 - €8 for a character with a complicated design or object
Student Council by Lumnili   Ryuko by Lumnili  Madoka Magica by Lumnili

Bullet; Pink Additional price reductions may apply to pictures with a very large number of characters.

Bullet; Pink Non-human characters may be priced differently. Please ask me!

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Detailed (Additional Background) Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue 

(Not all styles shown on characters in these examples are my default style for commissions)

Flat/Gradient: Free
Summer Breeze by Lumnili   Mikasa by Lumnili

Simple: €5
Bottle Miku by Lumnili   Sparkle by Lumnili

Detailed: €10+ (Price increases with detail)
Ryuko by Lumnili   Student Council by Lumnili   Year of the Horse by Lumnili

Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Custom Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue Bullet; Blue

Do you want something specific that isn't mentioned in this journal? Just ask me about it and I'll tell you whether I can do it or not. You can also name your price if you have a certain budget and I'll do what I can within that budget. I charge in euros but it’s ok if you name your price in another currency and I’ll just charge you the euro equivalent.

Just one thing: Please, nothing lower than €4!


To commission me, please send me a note on DeviantART or email me at with the following details:

Commission type:
Paypal address:
Characters and reference:
*Atmosphere / mood / poses etc.:
*Additional info:

*These fields are optional.
(I don't need your Paypal address if you're paying in points)

Bullet; Pink If I accept your commission, I will send you a Paypal request. You have 3 days to respond. I will start work on the commission only after I have been paid. After completion, I will send you the full-sized image with no watermarks.
Bullet; Pink I can show you a sketch of the poses and composition for approval before working on the rest of the image. I can also show you my progress at any other stage of the process if you wish so.
Bullet; Pink You can be refunded if I have not yet started work on your commission. I will not refund once I have started.
Bullet; Pink I currently accept Paypal and point commissions only.

I want to open commissions again, but I'm no longer happy with using Paypal and I'm thinking about using a different service... It started when I tried to withdraw the money I got from my last commissions (I tried about 3 times) and each time it bounced the money back and took some of the money from me each time. Then, while trying to find a solution I just read about more and more Paypal scams, until I didn't feel like my money was safe with Paypal anymore. In the end the only way I could get the money off Paypal was by using it for my brother's eBay purchases.

So, after everything I've read about Paypal I don't really trust them with my money, even if I was able to fix the withdrawal problem I'd prefer to use a safer service if I could find one. I've heard about Amazon Payments as a good alternative, but it looks like the fees are even more expensive...? (unless they don't have fees for other things like currency conversion...) Do you guys know of any good Paypal alternatives, or artists on DA that have been successfully taking commissions with something other than Paypal?

Oh, and for potential buyers: Would you still commission me if I used a different payment service?
Just a little update...

First, good news concerning the group :iconart-manga-anime:... The owner deleted all their works containing copyrighted imagery after my previous journal so I guess the group is now, 'legit', you might say. I don't know if anything will change within the group but at least the admin was ok with going along with DA's rules and cleaning up their gallery. : )

Keeping it short because I'm pretty busy right now so I'm not actually bothered with getting involved in anything, tbh. I'm just in the middle of major exams which are making me stressed (which is probably one of the reasons why I got so angry in the first place xD) I might be more absent from DA and other places over the next few days, just giving you the heads up. (I'll probably still check my messages as usual, since I just can't get away from the internet, but... If I have enough discipline you won't see me around here xD)

Ok I really don't feel like writing much, I have sooo much study to do and I'll be more active again after my exams as I start making prints for upcoming conventions (So far Arcade Con and Nom-Con have been confirmed) See you then!
It looks like the group :iconart-manga-anime: is not really the group I thought it was.

I have to say, this is really disappointing. It was the one group that always stood out to me as being a group with good art. I put my deviations into this group all the time, and I never had any problems until I realised that some of my deviations were being ignored. Not accepted, not declined, just left to expire. I didn't let it bother me too much since I liked everything else about the group. But then I noticed that all the comments in the group were being ignored, and many were complaints about the same problem I encountered. Maybe the admin was too busy to reply? Not exactly. They do reply to comments, but only comments that are of some benefit to them, it seemed, like this:… In this case the commenter was a contributor, making them important, because you don't want to lose your group's precious contributors, right? (And I realised that they do the same thing on their own page and deviations) Even though, looking at comments on the admin's profile page (…, ignored of course), they might possibly be discarding contributors as well, when they've lost interest in them. 

Then I looked at this admin's profile, and this is where the main problem started. Take a look at their gallery:…

Their gallery is, in fact, full of copyrighted images that they stole from various sources. Luckily enough for the group members, most of this is official art of anime and manga so our art doesn't seem to be in much danger. But some of this art also happens to be by Pixiv artists, like this:…
Stolen art:…

What's even worse about this case is that they used art that had already been stolen and 'rendered', and they credited the person who stole and rendered the art! Just look in the artists comments. And this isn't only time they have credited someone who stole something, even though they never actually give credit to the original artist.

I know there are plenty of people on DA who violate DA's rules like this, but I just find it disgusting and disheartening that a group I used to like so much is actually run by somebody who violates DA's rules, and is in fact being a major dick to the members of their group as well as artists in general. Do you really want to be part of a group run by someone who is, in theory, an art thief? I certainly don't. Despite the nice art in this group I'll have to do what is morally correct, and leave. I'd feel dirty otherwise.

----Ok, end of rant. I don't usually like to do things like this but this just really pissed me off.

P.s. Just so you know, using copyrighted images is against DA's policy and rendered art is not ok! Slapping some Photoshop effects over another person's art and posting it on DA is basically the same thing as posting the untouched work. And that is considered theft.
I have a convention coming up in less than 2 months (not long after my exams asdfgrhhhhh) so I've been thinking about what I'll do about prints. I'm already fairly happy with my current printer but the biggest problem is that you have to buy a minimum of 10 copies of each print, which is too much for most of my prints so now I have tons left from last year orz. I am looking for a printer that lets you print in lower quantities without being too expensive. I met someone at a con who had a local printer that would let her use multiple images for one order (eg. She would buy 50 copies but within those there would be several different images... Much cheaper than buying separate prints that consist of 5 copies or even 1 copy each!) But she was in, Kerry I think? So that printer is out of the question for me. :p

Do any of you know of a good printer like the one I was talking about, in the Dublin area (It doesn't have to be in the city, north county Dublin could also work for me) or an online printer that lets you print in smaller quantities and merge different images into one order so it doesn't cost a fortune? If you have any recommendations I'd much appreciate it! ^^