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Hey everyone, as you might know I'm doing Q-Con this weekend! ^_^ But there's a small issue that came to mind. I usually sell my posters at cons for 5 and 10 euros for simplicity's sake, which is pretty standard. But for this con I'll need to exchange some euros into pounds to use as change. And it would get awfully complicated if I tried to sell my work at the pound equivalent of 5 and 10 euros because then I'd have uneven numbers and have to get lots of coins converted to use as change. So, I'm wondering what pricing is like at UK cons, if there's anyone here who has been to some? Is it normal to see A4 posters selling for 5 pounds and A3 posters selling for 10 pounds? Because it would definitely be the most convenient option for me. xP
Steph-Sama Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016
Yeah that sounds about right, i'm used to £5-7 for an A4 poster and £10-15 for an A3 poster.

Hope you have a fun time in the UK! :)
Lumnili Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016   Digital Artist
Oh I see, I'm glad my prices won't be considered expensive for pounds then! Thanks! :)
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June 13, 2016


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